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The first and only CrossFit affiliate in Newark on Trent

CrossFit is defined as performing “functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity.” CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program. In reality, it's so much more. It's a community and it's a support group. It's about progress, commitment, smashing your goals and helping your mates smash theirs. 


Every workout is different and always challenging in its own way but Myles the coach is superb and takes the time to make sure everyone knows what to do and motivates me when I need it. Everyone is super friendly and encouraging no matter what your level. I don't know if all CrossFit boxes are like this but I'm glad I chose this one!

Rhiannon Brookes

Great sessions and great people here at Fosse Way CrossFit. Loads of help with getting technique right and never left to feel awkward if you're unsure of something. Real team spirit with everyone motivating one another. Coach Myles is very knowledgeable and the other members help one another too which creates such a welcoming atmosphere.

Mark Warman

I had the opportunity to join Myles and the crew at Fosse Way this summer and from day one it's been awesome. I've increased my PR's on key lifts more than I could have hoped to in a super friendly, super supportive environment. Myles' open and welcoming approach was mirrored by everyone I had the pleasure of meeting.

Fosse Way CrossFit's programming is scalable and suitable for all ages and physical conditions. Anyone looking to improve on their current fitness can become a member and start the progression to becoming a healthier you.  The CrossFit program is designed to optimise physical competence in each of the ten recognised fitness domains.











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